Lime Square

The site is part of the Central Business Exchange complex (CBX). The theme of this part of the development is to become a destination in its own right with a clear identifiable image and separate sense of place. The development will be known as Lime Square and the use of the colour Lime is a consistent and unifying element.

The three proposed 5 and 7 storey buildings are a mix of office and apartments with retail to ground floor.  The quantum of floorspace and number of dwellings is determined by the desired urban grain and massing of the approved MKC plan.  The relationship with the previous phases and adjoining properties has been a major determining factor in the arrangement of the building footprints and their architectural styles. The promotion of east west pedestrian movements creates a hierarchy of pedestrian movement through scheme.

The creation of the new square around which the 3 buildings are arranged is reminiscent of a traditional London Square where the space is private but it presents a landscaped presence to the public realm.  The development is not only spatially centred on a new square, but a square theme is repeated throughout the landscape and architectural detail.  All buildings have three consistent elements of a strong plinth, a bold centre and expressed penthouses.