Berryfield’s Lane

This development is for the redevelopment of the existing Berryfield Cottage 1950’s bungalow to provide a high quality apartment development together with on site parking, amenity open space and landscape.  The site is located centrally within the area designated as the Berryfields MDA, although as an existing dwelling site at the time of the outline planning application, it is excluded from the outline planning consent for the MDA.  Accordingly, the redevelopment proposals comprise 21 number 2 bed apartments and 100% car parking, arranged in 2 buildings of 3.5 storeys fronting Berryfields Lane and 2.5 storeys for the rear building.

The buildings are arranged in 2 stepped terrace forms orientated parallel to Berryfields Lane, with a shared parking court located between the buildings.  The perimeter mature tree and hedge planting is retained as a green frame and this enhances the setting to the development.

The apartments are arranged with 12 apartments on 4 levels in the frontage building (Block A/B) and 9 apartments on 3 levels in Block C/D.  All apartments are at least dual aspect.  The upper level apartments part occupy the roof spaces, with dormer and in-line roof windows.  The building forms step in plan and elevation, with additional points of punctuation from entrance canopies, feature windows and balconies.

The proposals reflect a local vernacular of steep pitched roofs, with occasional small dormers, and brick and tiled walls with asymmetrical window arrangements.  The approach to fenestration utilises larger elements of grouped windows as highlights, contrasting with smaller punched openings.